“Congrats on your book! I received my copy this weekend. It is wonderful! You make a really complex and important area understandable to readers irrespective of their background or experience. Well done!” — Kathleen Hayes-Ozello, The Ohio State University

“Schelhorn and Herbers enable academics to make informed decisions for translating discoveries to market while also advancing a university career through their valuable focus on best practices and profiles of successful innovations, as well as the uneven commercialization playing field for women and people of color.” — Sue V. Rosser, Georgia Tech and San Francisco State University

“Schelhorn and Herbers pave the way to more inclusive innovation pathways by demystifying the world of commercialization and challenging stereotypes of who can be an inventor. This comprehensive guide to commercialization is a must-read for anyone considering taking their academic work to market.” — Heather Metcalf, Women in Engineering ProActive Network 

“This book will become an immediate classic. It offers cogent and practical guidance to students, faculty, and administrators that want to participate in or understand academic-based commercialization. This compilation of insightful and frank advice that is backed by extensive author experience is a first of its kind.” — Thomas Rosol, Ohio University