Our Book is Out!

Our book is out and we have held it in our hands! Jean’s dog was the actually the first to know, and he alerted her via enthusiastic barking at the UPS driver putting the box on the front porch.  This book represents four years of thinking, planning, productive arguing, rewriting, fact-checking, more arguing, proof-reading… and yes, missing a few typos, drat! Oxford had warned of delays because even publishing is being hit by supply-chain disruptions (paper and ink!), but that anxiety is gone. Beyond Discovery it is available in print and e-book formats via the Oxford web site, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, even Walmart. Please let us know if you see it in your local bookshop! International editions are coming soon!

We have been delighted with the book’s initial reception, and the rankings on Amazon hit a high of #12 on the one of the “new releases” lists. We are watching that on the Amazon web-site and you can look as well.  Go to Amazon’s site and click “New Releases”, then “Books”, followed by “Business & Money”, then “Business development & Entrepreneurship” and finally click “Starting a Business”.  From there scroll down till you see the Beyond Discovery cover image and see if it is still on this list.

Thank you for your interest in our passion, Beyond Discovery.  Most gratifying have been the comments and well-wishes of our colleagues and broader connections; some go back a ways, some are new, and we look forward to many more. Thanks for your interest and your support.

We will use this blog to discuss stories in the news, share your stories, and provide updates on our activities. We will also post on key themes in our book. If there are particular issues you would like us to address, just get in touch!  And as a preview of things to come — we hope to help you change the world as you go Beyond Discovery! Email us!

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