Patent Law and Institutional Choice

On his wonderful Fed Circuit Blog, Professor Taylor is hosting an interesting online symposium on the topic of Patent Law and Institutional Choice with the following nine thought provoking essays:

  • Arthrex: 
    • Tejas N. Narechania, Arthrex and the Politics of Patents.
    • Jason Rantanen, The PTAB, The Director, and The Federal Circuit.
    • A. Christal Sheppard, [Not yet Posted].
  • Forum Shopping:
    • Jonas Anderson, Extreme Forum Shopping in Patent Law.
    • Megan M. La Belle, Mandamus is Not a Mechanism for Patent Reform.
    • Greg Reilly, Forum Selling and Legitimate Authority in the Patent System.
  • Exclusive Patent Jurisdiction: 
    • Laura Pedraza-Fariña, To Adapt Patent Law to Modern Innovation Realities, End Administrative Patent Law Exceptionalism.
    • Paul Gugliuzza, The Federal Circuit: A Failed Experiment in Specialization?
    • David O. Taylor, [Not yet Posted].


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