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Our book is geared to researchers who seek to amplify the impact of their work. Research discoveries can truly change the world, if they move towards products and services that reach broad markets.

We de-mystify commercialization by

  • describing various pathways available to the academic inventor, from commercial licenses to startups
  • featuring profiles of successful inventors with academic backgrounds
  • highlighting decisions and critical steps to take

Our book also challenges existing systems by

  • encouraging researchers to promote commercialization training for students
  • describing the uneven landscape for inventors of different genders and ethnicities, and offers strategies to afford every inventor the same chance of success
  • offering realistic recommendations to academic institutions for engaging their researchers in the commercialization enterprise

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Latest Research in the News

We believe there is an inventor living within every researcher! Learning to recognize the commercial potential in research results is a skill sharpened with practice. On this page we share research news articles from academic institutions, and they are updated regularly. Use these stories practice identifying the commercial value proposition that may be lurking in the results. Such practice might help you in two ways: 1) you may shift your thinking about new areas of use for your own work; and 2) you may think differently about how your research is communicated to the world. Send us your thoughts! contact-us@gobeyonddiscovery.com